I will have limited hours in an effort to take extra precautions and do my part in keeping the curve flat.  Please click here and book online asap, it is highly unlikely you will find same day appointments.
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  *Please wear a mask when entering AND exiting the building and do not arrive more than five minutes early if possible!*
Take comfort in knowing that my practice is *ONLY* me. I get complete control over all precautionary measures and there are limited amounts of people entering and exiting my facility. Not only do I completely disinfect anything you're going to come in contact with, but I have been taking extreme isolation and precautionary measures in my own life. Massage is essential to stress reduction and self care. Come see me, knowing the likelihood of contracting the virus here is extremely unlikely. See you soon!
Massage has many applications. Relaxation, pre/post athletic adventures, injury and surgery recovery and rehabilitation and with a good therapist you can have a full mind body session that leaves you ready to conquer your week. But what about chronic pain? Most people have given up on finding long term relief because nothing they have tried has worked to ease the pain for more than a few days. Well, if you have tried everything else, what do you have to lose? I employ a whole mind body approach with massage and have had clients crying after their session because of the relief they have felt. One client, in tears, exclaimed "This is the first time in TEN YEARS I have been able to put my pants on without issue!" 

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**This facility has stairs leading to the massage room

"I have been getting massage my entire adult life, yours are by far the best!"
-Satisfied client, Linda, SLC
Techniques not commonly used
With new clients, I hear almost daily:
 "I have never had someone work on me like that, its different and really nice"
I am uniquely knowledgeable about muscles and movement. Being a body nerd I learn everything I can about anything related to the body, not just muscles.

I employ techniques that get you out of pain without putting you in pain. Techniques that help permanently reset years of muscle memory and repetitive stress in just a few sessions. All my clients can feel a definite difference after just one session. Several times I have heard:
"That spot ALWAYS hurts when it gets worked on, and you know what? It didnt hurt even once while you were working, and I cant even feel any pain anymore!"