Meet Meagan:
I attended a unique massage school in Fort Collins, CO. The four instructors there each had 20+ years experience and still ran their own practices, seeing clients weekly. They taught a whole body approach and that movement equals health. I use my educated intuition to puzzle out the real cause of muscle issues and recurring pain. 98% of the time I work on someone's abs for their lower back pain they will tell me that they have NEVER had anyone even touch their abs, let alone work them to relieve back pain. 

I have been known to start a conversation in a parking lot after seeing how someone walks in order to give them some pointers in how to relieve pain or fix issues that are obvious to me, just by their gait.  With so many people unhappy with their healing progression and frustrated that they have "tried it all" why not give me a try, I know we can get you feeling better!